Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Arte De Venta 1/1/2006

Many thanks to all who stop by Dec 31, Jan 1, and Jan 7, to talk, support and purchase Art at the 77 Flea Market. Check out Imagenes Studio Art Show @ Paseo Plaza on 802 next to UMIX that opens 1/20/2006 and is up until 1/22/2006. I am still under debate if I will make an appearance have until the 1/15 to decide. I will be sure to post a definite a la mera hora..Stay tuned for that. On top are images "clockwise" collage with Dec. 31 @77 , a new girl painting, ESCAPE GOAT sold 1/7, and Las Quatro Morenas sold @ Latin Jazz 2005. Come back for more updates sure to come by 1/15.

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