Saturday, February 11, 2006


Title: BIRD CHECK - Medium:mix media Sold to: Dr. Rudy and Cybell Valle Many thanks to the Valle family for there kind hearts and smiles and show of support and appreciation for the Brownsville local art scene. This painting inspired the Alternative Media -Bird Flu art exhibition. Please click on :Alternative Media file, to see pictures of the opening of the art show. Life is but a dream of unconscious thoughts. Floating faces, crowded spaces, heroes lost and the after life ? In the old falling buildings the words are engraved forever with gentle sound vibrating until they tumble down. You should go the the shore and meet the giant women standing tall nude in her expressions. Vanishing in the eyes a king with no kingdom confronting evil and defeat. She fears doom life is calling yet were to young to hear. In the distance the shadow of greatness awaits in awkwardness. Why must it all be ? Me, I smoke a cigarette with time patience and calm. It is just a single thought.

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