Saturday, March 04, 2006

BIO- Life of the Artist

Gabriel Trevino born in 1976, second youngest out of four brothers.. Born and raised in Brownsville Texas, located in the southern most tip of Texas bordering Mexico(Matamoros). Raised by both parents Hecter and Antonia with Mexican customs and traditions. Parents are hard working minimum wage earners that did there best they could to raise and keep a good honest family. Growing up to Mexican-American traditions and learning both languages and becoming part of the bicultural experience. Daydreaming in class began the art career with doodles and cartoon characters. Highschool electives led to mechanical drafting and art class. 11th grade received the first two awards and recognition as an artist in a valley art competition for drawings:"The Never Coming God" and "Distracted". Due to no college desire and peer pressure dropped out of high school with GED to work odd jobs and for two years. Several drawings with pencil and crayons were made during this time. It wasn't long before influence and advise from parents and brothers to go to college in 1996. Enrolled in Art Class at UTB with professor Carlos Gomez a Chicano painter. After showing Gomez some of the previous artwork of pencil drawings Gomez recommended advance drawing class and also introduced oil painting. In the first few semesters several paintings and drawings were produce aside from class projects due to none stop work driven by a new found passion and hunger for art. Gomez offered a one man show in the summer 1998 at the UTB Richardson gallery. Unfortunately all the passion and hard work in painting did not pay off on the other classes and low grades cancelled the financial aid. After failing out of college and no money to pay to return it was time to work. From 1999 to 2004 worked at full time job in an automotive manufacturing company but remain painting in spare time..Married Dahlia in 2000 and first born Michelangelo in 2002. After several years of the kickback family life in January 2005 entered the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts :2005 International Art Show where received two honorable mention ribbons in category oils/acrylics and mixmedia and sold a painting. Due to the return of the hunger and passion to paint and exhibit and not so many galleries to exhibit, on the weekend began exhibiting at the local flea market where 5000 people go on Sundays alone throughout the year when there wasn't any exhibitions. Other shows were also made in 2005: Amigos Artistas :Art at El Ranchito in April, Brownsville Performing Arts-Imagenes Studio: Latin Jazz Festival in October, Art Exhibition with Imagenes Studio: Paseo de la Resaca Park Inauguration Art Show in November, Imagenes Studio: Stunning Stokes in December. Several paintings were sold on every exhibition.

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