Saturday, May 20, 2006


Here is a painting I did for my brother Miguel on May 9, 2006. It was made with acrylics on canvas. He braught an already stretch acrylic primed canvas to my house a couple of weeks ago and requested a painting that complimented two great paintings that he purchased from me last year: "Cara Descompuesta" and " Jesus vs Serpent". It is a fairly big size painting: 2.5 x 4 . The painting to me represents the search for identity and characteristics of a female in an illusive dream. The woman in the painting looks back at the viewer without comprehension or exitement as if in a hypnotic state of mind. A sensation one feels when meeting a person of the opposite sex for the first time. It is a moment in nature inside us and around us. Well for that matter it is I feel a good painting. I accept canvas donations old or new canvas "any size" for upcoming art shows. Old picture frames welcome also "any size". I will pick up. Support Brownsville Texas, Local Artist: Contact Gabriel :956-639-1497.

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