Wednesday, August 30, 2006

September 18, 2006 @ UTB Richardson Gallery

Four emerging artists: curated by *Carlos G. Gómez Opening September 18 at 6:30 in the Richardson Gallery University of Texas, Brownsville, Texas Southmost College Patron of the Arts Show continuing unit October 5 Thursday Gallery hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30-3pm Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-7pm 882-7097 Gabriel Treviño, Mauricio Sáenz, Jesús de la Rosa, and Luís Valderas are four young artist that are trying to produce artwork that has meaning and have much to offer the general public. I carefully selected these four for the reason that they are concern with what is occurring in our times and are far removed form the typical decorative art that seems to plaque most galleries and museums. Trevino is from Brownsville, Texas and his dedication to art and everything that has to do with art has impressed me. His energetic paintings are strong and as such have much to say. Though he has very little formal training, he has the intellectual capacity to study on his own. Saenz is the most technical of the group and his social political paintings are well done. The Matamoros/Brownsville artist has developed a surreal and somewhat dreaming approach and his artwork is sure to provoke deep feelings. He has a BA from UTB in art education. De la Rosa's artwork is more cutting edge then the rest of the group. The Ohio State MFA recipient is well versed in contemporary art dogma and his work reflects it. The "upper" valley native also holds a BFA from UTPA. Valderas is the oldest of the group and the most experienced artist. He has a respectable resume and his dedication to Chicano Art and his Project MASA are strong indicators of his commitment. Like de la Rosa he too is from the upper valley and holds a BFA from UTPA. *Carlos G. Gómez, MFA is a professor, artist, and curator. He has curated over 100 exhibitions.

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