Thursday, March 15, 2007


10 MINUTE ART SERIES -CLASSIFIED- MEXICAN AMERICAN ART........ FOUR PAINTINGS MEDIA ACRYLIC ON CANVAS , $300EACH AVAILABLE soon in AUSTIN, TEXAS....CONTACT: SARA INES CALDERON. The first painting from the top down is "el musico" which is means "the musician". Colorful geometrically composed forms representing an abstract visual of light and shadow of a man and his instrument. There is no one true way of saying what represents what but you can find comfort in its simplicity. The rich sky blue color that represents that back ground is the balance that holds and echoes the form in place.. As I painted this creation I thought of my own experience when I play the guitar and how I feel the connection with the instrument.. A connection that makes the instrument become part of oneself like an extra arm with strings.

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