Sunday, April 15, 2007

ARTE DE VENTA-and mumbo jumbo writings

**What kind of art do you make and what informs it ? Visual Art - So far Drawings and Paintings of my ideas, thoughts, dreams, life, feelings, perspectives, religion, culture, reflections, reactions, reality and everything else I didn't mention. As an artist I consider everything and nothing in order to make any sense....So far its worked out. As far as I can remember drawing is something that has always come natural to me. Sometimes I can express without thinking too much about the images I create. It doesn't mean I don't have taste or direction because I do when I want to. Somedays I like to follow certain styles and techniques to keep my artwork original and to my standards, other days I don't really care and because art is like that it pushes you and your thoughts and sets dimensions as to what art can be, its unlimitted... When I started painting I felt I was able to take my drawings a step further. Sometimes it became unnecessary to create an image. The violent strokes of paint alone express the thoughts and emotions. One painting can take a few minutes to several days. Sometimes I may take a while due to the media I am working with. I like painting with all media. I like overlapping oil, acrylic, crayon, spray paint to permanent marker on any surface canvas, paper, cardboard, plywood, rough or smooth surfaces. To me art has no limits and is timeless until tomorrow when I or some one else can prove otherwise. **Please write a short bio ? I am the fourth of five brothers, born in Brownsville and raised in both Brownsville and Matamoros. My greatest memories as a kid was living in front of the Edlestein Park on Polk and 12th street where we lived for a long time and met all my friends which till this day I still speak too. We were heavily into skateboarding and building ramps and when we weren't sk8ing we were listening to rock and punk music playing guitars and forming bands .Traditionally, don't get me wrong, the family parties were still accordion conjunto music, quinsieaƱeras, piƱatas and tamales..It was a diverse lifestyle that I am proud. **How long have you been creating art ? The earliest memory I have is since second grade, but on a more serious level since 1995 -1996 right before I met Carlos Gomez of UTB. I was attending Texas State Technical College and I lived in the dorms. I had alot of time to think about everything and I guess I must of started to put my thoughts on paper in drawings and it just reflected much more than that...It my hunger to draw and paint my thoughts took of like wild fire..Thats how I ended up at UTB in drawing and painting class, I guess I just wanted to know more...In a way I wanted to understand how art was created in a formal level too...I learned alot in those classes, but the experiments on my own took me alot farther and the direction I wanted to go, which is the biggest reason why I never went back to formal trainging. **Do you have and artistic statement ? "I am a big believer of the idea that art should have no limits and should exist with or without museums or galleries. The purpose of making art should be greater than where it is to be exhibited. If art sells and you feel a success because it pays the bills or buys things, there should be nothing wrong with that, a plumber, carpenter or doctor will feel the same way for the work has served its purpose for its success." **Where is the best place to exhibit in the RGV and why ? Well if you see my artist statement you can get an idea, "everywhere". I will say that I have exhibited at UTB Richardson Art Gallery, Imagenes Art Studio Paseo Plaza, Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts International Art Show, Amigos Artistas Art in the Park "IBC El Ranchito Park and the new Dean Porter Park Event Center", 409 Gallery, Port Isabel -Bellula Park Antique and Flea Market, BSPA - Latin Jazz Festival: Capital Theatre and Jacob Brown Event Center and last but not least the Brownsville 77 Flea Market all of which I have had an awsome time doing so and will continue to do so. Most recently I was invited by Carlos Gomez, Chicano Artists, Proffessor, BFA and Curator to exhibite at the Richardson Art Gallery at the University of Texas at Brownsville: , A show of non-commercial artist. Currently I will be exhibiting to small paintings at the Galeria 409 in Brownsville Texas. The show "Small Works" opens Dec. 14, 2006. I have been drawing and painting for several years now but I have only barely begun to exhibit my artwork since January 2005. I have participated in several art shows since 2005 including the 2005 and 2006 International Art Show at The Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts where I have received an honorable in the following three categories: acrylic and oil, mix media and pastels. In May 2006 entertainment writer Sarah William wrote an article on The Scoop section of the Brownsville Herald about my contribution to the local art scene. In April 14, 2006 at Imagenes Art Studio Spring Art Show I exhibited a series of 12 paintings on the bird flu topic called " Alternative Media". I have also exhibited my artwork at the, 2005 and 2006 Latin Jazz Festival , Amigos Artistas Art in the Park Art Show 2005 and 2006, and more than several alternative shows at the Brownsville 77 Flea Market. GABRIEL TREVINO 1040 JUAN DIEGO BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS 78526 CONTACT:956-639-1497

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