Sunday, April 09, 2006


After every good art show there are many people to thank. With great sincerity here is my list: I would like to say thanks to everyone that made it to the "Spring Collection Art Show" openning Friday April 14 to see the artwork and talk to the artists. It is through your support and continuing interest that these art exhibitions become a success. Special thanks to the other participating artist: Marylin, D'Ann, Cathy, Beverley and of course Toni Hudson for openning your doors to "all artists". I recommend any artist out there wanting to exhibit there artwork to visit Toni Hudson at Imagenes Studios @ Paseo Plaza even if its for the very first time. Thanks to the Brownsville Herald for the continuing interest in writing articles and anouncing exhibitions on the Brownsville art scene. I also want to thank Mayra, Lucy and Al of : "The Art of Brownsville" Blog for your continuing efforts in promoting the arts scene in Brownsville. Last but not least many thanks to my wife Dahlia and son Michelangelo for your support. To all that didn't get a chance to go thanks I am sure I will see you at the next art show. ART EXHIBITION OPENS APRIL 14, 2006 ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ARTWORK BY:GABRIEL TREVINO @ Spring Collection Art Exhibit April 14, 15 and 16th Paseo Plaza , 1805 E. Ruben Torres Sr. BlvdBrownsville, TX 78526 Sponsored by Imagenes Art Studio , Featuring Artist: Marilyn Brown, Cathy Lynch, D'Ann Huth and Beverley Harris Free Reception Friday, April 14, 7pm-9pm ALTENATIVE MEDIA INSIGHTS: I will be exhibiting some artwork at the Imagenes Studio:Paseo Plaza Gallery quartely art show coming up on April 14 openning reception 7pm to 9pm -free admission..My Art Exhibition is serving Bird Flu topic on cardboard unframed - mix media paintings. As you know cardboard is usually an industrialy used product and used as a painting medium, can be relevently striking or awkward. Carboard has been used many times as some may call it the poor mans canvas. Edvard Munch used tempera on cardboard for the the famous painting :" The Scream". To me the real world is stranger than fiction. It is no strange reality to read about war or pandemic , deaths or world misery next to slogans, media, ads and big corporations pushing for sales. "It is the mixed message I get from this surreal media that is reflected on the paintings". The strange feeding of information may make people not care about the truth and or reality. I can picture people fascinated about the newest suv or the newest sparkling cell phones, than realizing that thousands of birds are being killed to keep a deadly disease from mutating. A choice of reality: between fashion and famine, a blockbusters movie or a 5 year old war. Yet maybe the mix media messages served in this chaotic balance of good and bad is what keeps us sane and able to sleep at night. Dream some day of driving that brand new suv with no mind for high gas prices or deadly disease. See you @ the reception.

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