Saturday, April 22, 2006


Stay tuned for May and June : Flea Market Unconventional Exhibitions - Original Artwork by Gabriel Trevino for sale. Contact: 956-639-1497 . TITLE: Jesus MEDIUM:mix media SOLD TO: Miguel Angel Trevino -Art Collector / History Professor TITLE:Cara descompuesta. MEDIUM:mix media Sold to: Miguel Angel Trevino - Art Collector/ History Professor Artwork Ribbon:Honorable Mention @2005 International Art Show hosted:The Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts TITLE:The Aztec burp. MEDIUM: OIL AND ACRYLIC ON BOARD SIZE:4X5 AVAILABLE:CONTACT :956-639-1497

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! It's me Gilbert from

Thanks for the comment and the critique, I really appreciate it, thanks! By the way I love your paintings, they're conceptual and magnetic.. My kind of paintings..
I will be having a show on the 20th of this month here in Kuwait and I will be posting new snaps of my recent works, also the event.. So please keep in touch.. I'd love to see more of your works with this styles like JESUS and the Aztec Burp.. amazing!

Keep it up!